Grammar Course

Waiting to go on the grammar course that was put back from earlier in the year. Feel it may be a little late for this as we have now done so much work on grammar and punctuation.
Hoping for tea and biscuits and maybe some freebies.

Biscuits eaten, tea being drunk.
Y6 playing catch up. Start teaching Y5 so that this doesn’t happen again.
Oh god two hours – not sure I’ll survive this.
Introducing us to the ‘grammar for writing’ book.
Jolly Grammar – kinaesthetic approach, lots of worksheets. Homework?
Obsessed with language features. Missed/ dropped sentence structure.
What is standard English? Not about speaking, it’s knowing about grammar. It’s about knowing the rules.
Language rich environments – chn coming from those think in sentences early on.
Reading writing and communicating. Ofsted guide to English teaching.
Don’t just underline, get children to do something, next step marking. Same for all errors. Must get chn to act on the next steps.
Joined up handwriting by level 3 according to National Curriculum.
Bold words must be learnt and understood in the new framework.
Loosing the will to live now. 
Teach the language of grammar – it’s important. Repetition is key.
Adverbs and verbs, be carefully what rules you teach don’t dumb down.
Activity time
KS1 – simple sentence games.
Use picture clues to help create sentences
Adverbial hand – 5w’s for the verb create for school tonight look for old spelling hands adapt.
Talk about location of words in sentence and how they change in a sentences.
Have we got time to play games, share with lower down the school. Pie Corbet?
Sentence chains and story chains – use cards to differentiate.
Basic identification of sentence types. Whole school colour approach. Same sentence throughout school but slowly grows as you go up through the classes.
The solider sat
The kindly solider say gently on the mat.

Play around with the word order of the sentences ask them to start with the noun, start with the adverbial phrase, start with when etc. use the adverbial hand.

Ask a question shows understanding.

Colour texts – underline all the adverbs in blue etc.

Whole school approach all the way from foundation stage.
Think about expectations for whole school. Differentiated.