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Getting the best English Results

Easter school?
Teachers bookshop in Oldham
Readers for grammar, Maddie Lindley at Salford, if they have one in class. Times test.
Level 5 in reading before allowed to do the level six.
Shorter and longer writing tasks all work in topic and literacy.
Question (stem) starters, give an example (model) then make them do it.
Chn to create language for working wall at beginning of topic

Nick Sharrat You chose. you imagine

How to live for ever by Colin Thompson, Castles as well.

Kevin Crossly Holland – short book of short stories

Actions to remember genre types.
Story giant – Brian Patten

Give chn characters and ask them to order them. Most scared, bravest, most powerful etc.
Class book, blogged. Extreme reading. More talk about reading, why do you like this etc. Change the reading area.

Add stems to writing displays.
Startthestory.co.uk look at website
30% of writing for grammar and writing.
70% writing.

SAT teach navigating the page. Without reading the paper.
Purpose use the word ‘to’  This text is ‘to’ persuade, ‘to’ inform
Hide the mark number ask chn to guess
Give chn AF cards can they identify the type of question.
Question the text, five question that the chn can ask a partner


Amazing Floodsopedia

Rising stars, Y4 aiming at level 4
Theme, structure , language: speed reading
Draw, label with direct quotes from the text
Note taking and summarising
Colour when reading a text. What colour is the author making you think?
Colour Pantone colours.

Maths graphs/ Venn diagrams and caroll diagrams to organise texts.

Flip paper with board
Forum theatre explain how to do things
Speech bubbles, thought bubbles, red heart. Say, think, feel
Physicalise description first then model the description orally. Then sentence stems and then chn to write.

A Horowitz – Granny.
Organisation diagrams for text types
Purpose and audience use the why. Why is the title at the top.
Keep plot simple, work on plots.

Invisible Fiends Mr Mumbles – Barry Hutchison

Nursery Crimes website

Achieve level – Rising stars.
Talk4writing.com Pie Corbet website

The small book of big word

Black dog Levi Pinfold

Teach then application.
Wanted Have you seen this Alligator?

‘What’s wrong?’ Activities.
Chris van Oxburg

Opening topic sentence to add to displays
Primary literacy – website
Reason for writing then chn to write txt message, newspaper, radio report etc.